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First Tournament in the Bag

0 Monday 18 March, 2013 03:00 in Fishing Reports by SubFish
The launch was busy despite the bad weather!
After a lot of anticipation, and a lot of preparation, tournament day was finally here! This was to be my first ever tournament with a new fishing club (South Jersey Hook This), on a somewhat unfamiliar waterway, but I was excited to see what happened. Despite the cold and damp morning, there was a really good turn-out. 20 anglers where present in around 14 boats. 

From the launch I headed west in search of some deeper channels and was able to find 7 and 8 foot of water. I started throwing a rattletrap really slowly along with a spinnerbait here or there. After an hour of that I switched over to some plastics and worked them extremely slow along some of the brush next to the drop offs. Around 9:15 I feel a light tap-tap-tap and set the hook on a 2.4 lb Largemouth. After landing the bass, i put it in the livewell and realize that I am going to be able to at least weigh in a fish. With the tough conditions, I still wasn't confident about catching any more fish and I was right. Not a single bite the rest of the tournament. One bite, one fish. 

When I got back to the ramp for weigh-in, I found out that there were only a handful of fish caught and I felt very lucky to have been one of those few. It was a real tough bite. I was the final person to weigh-in, and while it would have been great to pull out a whopper for the win, I couldn't have been happier that I weighed in a fish and actually took the 3rd spot in the tourney.
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