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Fish snapping at Menantico Sand Ponds

0 Monday 06 August, 2012 15:00 in Fishing Reports by SubFish
Over 5lb Pickeral on the drop shot
Beautiful weather led me to Menantico Sand Ponds for some bass fishing, but the 13th voyage of the Slayer II proved to be not that bad of luck after all. After landing a few smaller Largemouth Bass, I continued fishing the drop shot at the deepest areas of this waterway.

Snapping turtle fighting back!With the sun going down, I felt something pulling on the other end. I tried to set the hook and thought I had snagged up. After gently pulling with as much pressure as I could, it started moving and I was able to gain enough ground to see what was on the other end. A giant Snapping Turtle had eaten my Gulp 3" minnow. After some careful hook removal he was on his way back to the bottom. I turned and threw another cast and felt another large tug on the line. This time it was a Pickeral weighing over 5lbs! Continued fishing for a little longer catching another small bass before heading out.

Sunny, 90°
Water temp +/- 82°
Light stain

Fish caught...
2 Largemouth (1 at 2lbs.)
1 5lb Pickeral
1 large Snapping Turtle

Equipment used...
Medium spinning tackle
8-10lb mono
Gulp 3" Minnow on Drop Shot Rig

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