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The Wild Life at Salem Canal

0 Tuesday 11 September, 2012 15:30 in Fishing Reports by SubFish
A pair of Bald Eagles greeting me at Salem Canal
Arrived at Salem Canal around 6AM this morning as a pair of bald eagles greeted me at the entrance to the boat ramp. Nice bass on the topwater frog!It was a foggy morning, but ultimately became a sunny, calm day. I started out with a topwater frog and landed 4 largemouth before the bite died down as the day warmed up. After watching a water snake catch a small bass and trying some various baits, I decided to go to  something more life like, so I started throwing the drop shot rig with a 3" minnow on it and landed a few catfish and a nice crappie to finish out the day.

Cloudy, 86°
Water temp +/- 80°

Fish caught...
4 Largemouth (1 at 1.5 lbs.)
3 Catfish
1 Crappie

Equipment used...
Medium casting tackle
12lb mono
Ribbit Topwater Frog

Medium spinning tackle
20lb braid
3" gulp minnow on a drop shot rig

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