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First (and second) Tiger Trout Ever

0 Friday 07 December, 2012 15:00 in Fishing Reports by SubFish
First Tiger Trout ever!
Kept it local today with a trip literally down the street. Ridley Creek runs through my neighborhood, so I decided to see if any holdovers were around or maybe even a Carp or Smallmouth Bass. No bites at the first section and a wet hand told me the water was cold. I continued walking upstream while casting with no bites or visible fish. I keep moving upstream until I go over a little rocky area and make my first cast into some deeper water. I'm about half way in and I see a large fish tailing my lure. I slow it down just enough and he comes up and eats it. In shock, I set the hook and the fight is on. Took about a minute and a half to land this fish. As it's coming closer I notice the odd pattern on the fish and realize it's a Tiger Trout! I quickly get my camera out and take a few shots. The fish was over 4 lbs. After releasing that one, i moved upstream a little and after about 20 more casts, I get slammed in a real deep section of the stream. Set the hook and fight yet another Tiger Trout for a minute or so. Figured it was the same one, but the first one had very noticeable scrapes on its lips like it had been in an aquarium and bouncing his face of the glass. This one was darker and a little smaller. Still can't believe that they were there.

Cold, 40°
Water temp +/- 38°
Lightly Stained

Fish caught...
2 Tiger Trout (3 & 5 lbs.)

Equipment used...
Ultralight spinning tackle
2lb mono
Brown Rooster tail

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