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Froggin' The Nock

0 Thursday 01 November, 2012 07:00 in Fishing Reports by SubFish
Nice 4lb'er on a Stanley Ribbit Frog
On a very cold and windy morning, i made my way out to Lake Nockamixon to fish for the elusive Largemouth Bass.Nice bass on the topwater frog! I launched around 7AM with a stiff breeze blowing me up-lake. Not a problem as thats the way I wanted to go anyway. Began throwing the Ribbit Frog and had my first bass within minutes of the ramp. Just a pounder, but it was an uplifting start. Continued throwing the frog catching two more around lunchtime. Kept fishing through the afternoon with no bites on the jig or tube. Decided to put the frog back on and work my way back to the ramp. With just a few casts left, wham, a nice 4lb'er takes the frog. Couldn't have ended the day on a better note.

Cold, windy, 50°
Water temp +/- 46°
Lightly Stained

Fish caught...
4 Largemouth (1 at 3.9 lbs.)

Equipment used...
Medium casting tackle
12lb mono
Ribbit Topwater Frog

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